Saturday, December 26, 2009

"Mommy is santa here?"

Tatum woke up at 7:15 Christmas morning and I thought I would have to remind her about Santa, no ma'am she stands up and says "mommy is santa here?" I said I dont know go see, she comes in the living room and says "nope he's not here." She thought Santa was going to stay and watch her open presents, LOL! She went to the candy first of course, my little candy junkie. She opened all of her presents with a piece of candy in one hand. What a great morning!

I love her!!!

She is in heaven!

She had to paint as soon as she opened it.

Watching A Christmas Story.

Cheese! :)

Her new game...

She loves to paint.

2009 Holiday Barbie

She is a Candy Junkie!!!

Christmas Pics....

This is my very favorite picture!!!!

New stroller.

Baby is climbing the ladder on her bunk beds.

Notice the candy tucked safely under her arm,
she wouldn't put it down.

YAY!!! Santa came!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve night is always a fun night, every year we get in our PJs and make cookies for Santa. Tatum opens her gifts from Nanny and Aunt Sandy and we make hot chocolate. Then we wait on Santa to come by on the fire truck. Tatum was so scared this year, because they had the sirens going and on top of that they had Christmas music blaring! It was so loud!!!

Her present from Nanny.

Making cookies for Santa.

She's such a great lil helper!

New Christmas PJs

My Lovebug!! :)

Attempting to make a gingerbread house...

The other day at Walmart I saw the gingerbread house kits and I thought how fun that would be for Tatum to do. So we get started and at first it was so fun. Then we get the roof decorated so pretty and Tatum says "mommy it has a hole." I look over and the roof is sliding off and all the candy is falling down in the house. We eventually got finished and it stayed together long enough to take a picture, then it crashed. It was fun and Tatum had no problem eating all of the "decorations."

I love that face!!!!


It didn't stay together very long.

Dont you love the shoes with no pants look???

Our horses name was "Blizzard"

I promised Tatum that if she was good taking her Christmas pics we would go to the mall and ride the carousel. So when we were done at the dreadful place we headed to the mall. Tatum absolutely loves carousels! We went during the day on a weekday so there was no line and we were able to get right on, she had to have a white horse, his name was "Blizzard". She wanted to keep riding over and over, so I had to tell her a little "fiblet" that they only let you ride one time. After that we went down to see Santa and there was no line for him either, he was propped up in his chair reading a book. Tatum of course would not get near him, she would say "I don't wanna see Santa", then we would walk away and she would say "ok yes I do want to see him", so we would go back and repeat it over again. In the end she wouldn't even get close enough to him to take a picture.

Wow I look really creepy with my bug eyes in this one :)

She was looking at the lady like "ok start it already."

She loved it!!!!

"Blizzard" and Tatum

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tatum's Christmas Pics

Every year I dread making the appointment to go sit at Portrait Innovations for hours and hours. The only reason I go to that place every year is because you can't beat their prices, so it is worth it! So the dreaded day was yesterday, we get there at 9:45 for our 10:00 appointment and finally at 11:00 it is our turn. Tatum had been telling me all morning "mommy i don't wanna take pictures". Well she hadn't changed her mind by 11:00, she hid behind the Christmas tree forever, then every time I would stand her next to the tree she would run away. It was a disaster! Also she refused to take her bright green gum out, so in half of the pics you can see her gum. Oh the joys of a 2yr old, hahaha! After her warming up, we eventually got some cute ones that I have posted below, and it was still fun!